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"The development of an enterprise depends on talents, and talents can develop the future of the enterprise." The company advocates the construction of a learning enterprise, and advocates "lifelong learning" and "everyone is trained, and everyone trains people". After years of exploration, a complete talent training mechanism has been established, and a nurturing and training plan for key talents has been formulated. The company helps employees to carry out career planning, and formulates and implements annual training plans every year. Promote employee and organizational learning to continuously improve human resources, personal and organizational effectiveness. Increase investment in training, establish a multi-level training system covering the whole company from senior to grassroots, from management knowledge to practical operation skills, vigorously implement leadership training and development for managers at all levels, and improve managers' leadership and execution. According to the needs of business development, product development, and technological innovation, through innovative mechanisms, innovative carriers, and innovative achievements, we will increase the training of various professional and technical personnel and front-line employees, and provide employees with various development opportunities such as job rotation exchanges and rank promotion. . Pay attention to guide employees to connect with reality, learn to do something, apply what they have learned, and constantly transform the learning results into knowledge innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and achievement innovation.

As a pilot enterprise for the integration of production and education in Jiangsu Province, the company and clothing colleges jointly set up the "Hualida Class", integrating Hualida's internal training courses into the teaching plan, setting up Hualida scholarships, and directional training of professional talents. The party committee took the lead in opening the "Hualida Craftsman" characteristic class, and opened a 3-6 month full-time closed paid "basic-level cadre management training class" in the training, and implemented the "Eagle Plan", from technical theory, practical operation, Three major aspects of management knowledge are carried out, and the intelligent on-site management concept and management skills of on-site managers are improved to ensure the realization of the strategic policy of enterprise transformation and upgrading. Set up a team of internal trainers, open classes to improve academic qualifications, organize vocational skills appraisal, etc., and build a scientific training system according to local conditions. All lines of the company select potential and motivated employees through self-recommendation or recommendation, and strive to provide training in both theory and skills, laying a solid foundation for their future growth and success.


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