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2022.02 Changzhou 2021 Industrial Five-Star Enterprise

2022.02 National Green Factory

2021.12 Jiangsu Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Model Enterprise

2021.12 Passed the AAA-level quantitative fusion management system assessment

2021.11 2021 Changzhou "Two Industries" Integration Demonstration Unit

2021.11 Energy Management System Certification

2021.08 Top 50 Enterprises in Jiangsu Garment Industry

2021.06 The sixth batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises in Jiangsu Province

2021.06 Changzhou Smart Factory in 2020

2021.06 Quality Supplier of Uniqlo in 2021

2021.05 National Advanced Private Enterprise in Fighting against the COVID

2021.05 National non-public enterprise party organizations, play a substantive role "best practice"

2021.03 Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise

2021.02 Changzhou Industrial Five-star Enterprise in 2020

2020.12 Prince Armor became a municipal brand in 2020-2021

2020.12 Second Prize of the 27th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement

2020.12 Green Factory in Jiangsu Province (The First Batch)

2020.12 2020 Changzhou Industrial Internet Benchmark Factory

2020.12 Advanced Collective for Legal Popularization of Enterprises in Jiangsu Province "Seventh Five-Year Plan"

2020.12 2019 Jiangsu Province Corporate Social Responsibility Construction Model List

2020.12 Quality Supplier of Uniqlo in 2020

2020.11 Second-level node construction unit for industrial Internet identification analysis in Jiangsu Province

2020.10 2020 Changzhou Smart Workshop

2020.09 Advanced Unit for Public Security and Protection Work in Jiangsu Province

2020.09 Demonstration Unit of Private Enterprise Culture Construction in Jiangsu Province

2020.08 Top 100 Enterprises in China's Garment Industry in 2019 (No. 21 in Operating Income)

2020.08 Changzhou City Charity Donation Advanced Unit

2020 Hualida--China Famous Trademark

2020.07 Top 50 Enterprises in the Garment Industry in Jiangsu Province in 2019 (No. 8 in Operating Income)

2020.07 Second Prize of National Beautiful Factory

2020.06 Greenhouse Gas Certification

2020.03 Top 10 Industrial five-star enterprises in Changzhou in 2019

2020.03 Top 100 taxpayers in Changzhou in 2019(No.22)

2020.03 The first batch of Pilot Enterprises for integration of production and education in Jiangsu Province

2019.05 Changzhou Mayor Quality Award

2019.04 The 25th Jiangsu Enterprise Management

2019.02 Top 100 Taxpayers in Changzhou in 2018

2018 UNIQLO Global Best Supplier

First Prize of Modernization Innovation Achievements

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