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Core Concept: Employees are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise. The development of an enterprise depends on people, and talents can develop the future of the enterprise.

Basic Concept:

1. Product is character, and manufacturing products is cultivating talents. Only good employees can produce good products.

2. Believe in human nature, cherish talents, and cultivate talents. Develop talents with respect for others.

3. Pursue the corporate culture of teaching and being taught, and work is the best training. Focusing on the scene, it promotes mutual communication between superiors and subordinates, seniors and juniors, and establishes a learning environment for teaching and being taught.

4. Set up a special talent cultivation department, combining on-site and program, combining incoming and outgoing, and combining newcomers with on-the-job education.

5. Adhere to the principle of the survival of the fittest, and provide a unified, equal and opportunity-rich development platform for talents "horses are not like horses".


Honesty----this is the basic character that any social person should possess. Hualida attaches great importance to the requirements for employees' corporate loyalty, and pays attention to the starting point of employees' handling of personal and corporate interests as the primary criterion for talent selection and training. Whether a person's honesty can truly reflect his attitude towards others and do things, reflects his personal character, and directly affects mutual trust and cohesion in the process of teamwork. It is also a basic moral requirement for any employee of the enterprise.

Dedication---Dedicated people can always grasp the ways and opportunities for success. Talent is important, but acquired hard work is the only way to become a talented person. Hualida's opportunities will always be reserved for employees who continue to work hard. Hualida always need a group of dedicated and hard-working talents to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise in the complex market environment, and a group of consciously diligent and perfect employees to promote the enterprise's own reform and progress.

Pragmatism---HuaLida advocates the measurement of personal comprehensive quality and emphasizes the down-to-earth spirit of hard work. Have the ability to constantly reflect and improve, improve day by day, accumulate and grow steadily. Give full play to the expertise and advantages in the professional field, and have the ability to solve problems, break through difficulties, and innovate and develop, and assist the overall improvement of the enterprise from the point of view.

Innovation---Innovation creates the future. If traditional industries want to continue to develop, they must overcome the conservative concept of seeking stability, adhere to innovation in the tradition, dare to break the conventional, and continue to promote the innovation and development of management mode, production mode and work process, so as to make the real economy more stable and sustainable.

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