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Changzhou city government leaders visited and researched in Hualida

Have already visited 28002/10/2022  


On February 10, Sheng Lei, deputy secretary of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, led a team to visit key enterprises such as Hualida Garment Group. She pointed out that revitalizing the industry is important for our city to build the central axis of the Yangtze River Delta industry and the international and famous intelligent manufacturing cities. It is hoped that entrepreneurs have firm confidence in investing in projects, continue to build projects, and vigorously grasp the "intelligent transformation and digital transformation". All departments at all levels should take multiple measures, focus on professional recruitment projects, push projects through hurdles, and create a sustainable industrial ecology for enterprises with "one-click arrival" and "help in the snow" service guarantees.


"Intelligent transformation and digital transformation" is a required course for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In recent years, Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd. has accelerated the improvement of automated and performance-based on-site equipment, accelerated digital transformation, and built an industry Internet application platform. Currently more than 700 enterprises have been connected to the platform and Hualida has become the first batch of AAA-level certified enterprises in the national integration of industrialization in the national textile and garment industry. Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd. is supported by the whole industry chain and was rated as a national green factory in 2021.

Ms Sheng Lei went deep into the sewing workshop to learn more about the new changes brought by the "intelligent transformation of digital transformation". She hoped that the company will continue to further promote the "intelligent transformation of digital transformation" and play a leading role in demonstration, so that the majority of enterprises can experience the intelligent transformation of digital transformation. The big changes and benefits brought about by the transfer will encourage more companies to actively embrace the digital economy, move from "machine substitution" to "data-powered brains", and seize the commanding heights of future development. All departments at all levels should continue to improve the policy system, accelerate the construction of platforms, strengthen classified guidance, and better support and serve the "intelligent transformation" of enterprises.

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